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Cecilia Nordenkull-Jorgensen

Author and chief of research, Icons of Europe

Cecilia Jorgensen (née Nordenkull), Swedish, is co-founder and chief of research of the association Icons of Europe, Brussels.  She is author of several publications about the life and music of Chopin, as well as playwright of the musical drama Chopin and The Nightingale staged in Europe and America. 

Cecilia participated in BBC Four's TV documentary Chopin: The.Women Behind The Music (2010) In 2013, she took part in Icons of Europe's production of Chopin's Dream: Jenny Lind Gala Concert in Christ Church, Malvern, England.  During the last four years, she has mainly focused on research related to Charles.XII of Sweden.


Cecilia Nordenkull-Jorgensen, co-founder and chief of research, Icons of Europe, Brussels.
Cecilia in Svenska Dagbladet 2018

The author Cecilia Nordenkull, Icons of Europe will present her new book "KARL XII: Kungamord" at BOKMÄSSAN Göteborg Book Fair, September 2018.

Charles XII of Sweden (1682-1718):  the mystery of his death now resolved by Icons of Europe. Unknown artist.

2018:  Bokmässan and Halländsk bokmässa


Cecilia Nordenkull-Jorgensen is a former vice-president of JP.Morgan.  She became an Internet pioneer through her own company in 1995 and was named Marketeer-of-the-Year finalist of the American Chamber of Commerce.  She founded and chaired Internet Society Belgium and was a panelist in Wall Street Journal Europe’s CEO Summit 1999 in London on Europe’s digital economy. 

In parallel with her corporate career, Cecilia founded Galerie Beaumont in Lasne and became a representative of Christie’s Contemporary Art in 1982.  She previously worked in Stockholm, New.York and London.  She holds an MBA Boston University and speaks five languages.

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