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Nightingale Opus 24

Avant-premiere in Lasne, Belgium on 11 October 2003
One-hour musical drama for piano, two sopranos, narrator
Chopin, Jenny Lind, Hans Christian Andersen, Queen Victoria
Music by Chopin, Bellini and two Scandinavian composers
Daniel Blumenthal, Biljana Staffansson, Ljiljana Jovanovic

Daniel Blumenthal in Act 3, In doubt. Ljiljana Jovanovic and Biljana Staffansson at the cocktail-buffet that followed the musical drama.
Act 4, Hope:  "What a duet it will be!" (from The Nightingale story by Hans Christian Andersen, 1843). The audience was seated in two separate groups.
Act 5, Death:  Ljiljana Jovanovic standing at the piano singing and playing for Chopin as Delfina Potocka did on 15 October 1849. >
Act. 5:
(Aria Finale)

Delfina Potocka / the artificial bird singing and playing for Chopin / the emperor, who "lay cold and pale in his splendid bed".
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In a historical correct context, the narrator introduces each of the six acts with original quotes from letters Chopin wrote in 1848-1849 and from Hans Christian Andersen's story The Nightingale.  These quotes match each other to an extraordinary extent.
The three artists with the playwrights, Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen.

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The drama
The artists
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The romance
The symbolism
Nightingale story:
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Audience feedback

Hans Christian Andersen wrote the Nightingale story in 1843 as a tribute to Jenny Lind - the woman he loved, but never could get.

It was emphasized in the 11 October programme that the musical drama and the new biography provide support in terms of advocacy and fund-raising for the global fight against tuberculosis.

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