Icons of Europe This fleur-de-lys represents the aims of Icons of Europe asbl.  The fleur-de-lys figure has been used as an ornament or emblem by almost all civilisations of the old and new worlds.
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A wide range of organizations already cooperate in various capacities with Icons of Europe:

These capacities are sponsorship, corporate event participant, patronage, and source of information.

Sponsorhip / Corporate event participant
Compatible multinational companies, and other interested parties, are invited to sponsor the ongoing work of Icons of Europe in general, and/or to participate in the priority projects and corporate events of the Association.

The overall objective is to promote great culture as a platform for dialogue and inspiration of value to industry and international relations.  The best moments of our work confirm our track record of pursuing this objective together with many partners.

Sponsor benefits
A sponsor gain the following tangible benefits (regarding corporate events, please click here):

  1. Priority invitations to participate with own VIP guests in Icons of Europe's special events that conclude with a reception or buffet to facilitate backstage networking, and that are supported by high-visibility arrangements if desired.
  2. The opportunity to participate effectively in the global Nightingale project that involves embassy venues and media initiatives, and thereby contribute to an increased understanding between industry and the culture of other countries.
  3. Facilities of the Nightingale project will be made available to the sponsor,  in particular:
    -  Display of the Icons of Europe logo on the sponsor's own web site, annual report and other media with a message that confirms the sponsor's commitment to the New Europe;
    - Icons of Europe's hardcopy publications at no or discounted cost;
    -  Online access to the ongoing research findings of Icons of Europe on Chopin, Jenny Lind and other Icons;
    -Advice on how the Icons of Europe concept could be used for a PR campaign or an in-house corporate event.
Detail of a Viking ship dating from the first half of the 1000 century, found at Ladby in Denmark.  The model of the ship was built by Vibeke Bischoff.  Image with kind permission of Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen.


We are grateful for the cooperation extended by many organizations, who contribute to a shared objective of promoting and using great culture as a platform for dialogue and inspiration.




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