Galerie Beaumont in Lasne . .
"Amants", 1994, terre réfractaire, peinture acrylique, hauteur 233 cm, by Michel Wohlfahrt, France.  Represented at Galerie Beaumont in Lasne.

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Galerie Beaumont
B-1380 Lasne, Belgium
Tel. +32 2 633 3840   Email
Twitter @GalerieBeaumont
RC Nivelles 45114 since 1980
Christie's identity since 1982:

Photo:  Vernissage of the exhibition "Modern Masters, New talent" in 1984.at.the Brussels residence of Her.Britannic Majesty's Ambassador.


Galerie Beaumont founded in 1980 by Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen.  In 1982, named exclusive representative of Christie's Contemporary Art, London, for Belgium and Luxembourg (now CCA Galleries International).

Among many shows of paintings, sculpture, and works on paper by such masters as David Hockney, Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies, Galerie.Beaumont has over the years organized seven exhibitions of bronzes and prints by Henry Moore under the patronage of Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador and Christie's Contemporary Art.

Exhibition venues: Lasne, Lineart (Ghent), embassies, companies.  T
his experience has since 2000 supported the development of the valuation / appraisal expertise and resources of Galerie Beaumont.

Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen of Galerie Beaumont in 1984 at a private viewing of their exhibition "Modern Masters, New Talent" in Brussels at the residence of Her Britannic Majesty's Ambassador.  Other important exhibitions have been patronised by the Danish, French and Swedish ambassadors to Belgium.The Scandinavian founders and managers of Galerie Beaumont, Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen, have lived in Belgium since 1975.  They initially developed this arts enterprise in parallel with their corporate careers.

Cecilia Jorgensen worked as a vice-president at JP.Morgan, the investment bank.  She holds an MBA Boston.  Jens A. Jorgensen has formerly worked with McKinsey and other multinationals.  They are also founders and managers of the association Icons of Europe (2001), which is inspired by the international scope and creativity of Galerie Beaumont.

"La Galerie Beaumont á Lasne:  c'est Christie's en Belgique
... une villa bien située mais presque introuvable!"
Article in Le Soir on 15 April 1983.