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"Zeilschip Brabant" (1888), oil painting on canvas signed by the renown Danish / U.S. artist Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921).  The authenticity of this 'museum piece' and six other works was established by Galerie Beaumont in April 2009.
"Zeilschip Brabant" (1888)

During a 'standard' art valuation project in April 2009, we identified seven valuable 19th century marine paintings / 'museum pieces' displayed in the corridors of the office.

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Organizations in Benelux, Britain, France and the rest of Europe

Up-to-date appraisal of corporate art by an independent expert could help an organization to protect the insurance value and comply with accounting and audit policies at national and international levels.

"Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red" by Piet Mondrian (1872-1944), born in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.Valuation or evaluation concerns typically the Replacement Value or Cost of paintings, drawings, sculpture, original prints and other signed artworks.  For this purpose, an artwork is presumed to be authentic unless the client raises the issue.

To establish the authenticity and Fair Market Value of an artwork, a.fine art appraisal would be needed.  >> About our approach

You may wish to work with Galerie Beaumont, because:
  • Independent art gallery since 1980 with global resources
  • Expertise developed with Christie's Contemporary Art
  • Multilingual:  English, franšais, Nederlands, dansk, svenska
  • Transparent and time-saving approach (e-mail, CD, options)
  • Opportunity for follow-up, e.g. artworks album, corporate PR.