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Joan Miro:  original aquatint, signed in pencil "BAT. Miro 27.IX.78" (SÚrie Enrajolats, ed. 13).

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The process of estimating the Replacement Value or Cost - often needed to comply with accounting, insurance and audit policies - could typically be conducted in four steps:
  1. Defining the scope of the valuation (free of charge), e.g.: artwork types, purpose of valuation, information availability, review of CD with artwork images >> Leading to a proposal.
  2. Discussion of the outcome of a preliminary review conducted at Galerie Beaumont (e.g. priority items for further study).╣
  3. Additional research and on-site inspection of the artworks.▓
  4. The art valuation report with price estimates and rationale.

If desired, follow-up could include the preparation a special album of the artworks for the insurance policy, and development of corporate PR ideas and material.


For the purpose of estimating the Replacement Value or Cost, an artwork is presumed to be authentic, unless the client raises the issue.  The Replacement Value may be similar to a gallery retail price and is therefore generally higher than a Fair Market Value.

To form an opinion on the Fair Market Value of a modern or contemporary artwork, a fine art appraisal is needed to establish the authenticity of the artwork.  It could be made for a variety of purposes such as donation, foreclosure, estate planning, pricing and anticipated sale, insurance claims, division of assets, and bankruptcy.

Fine art appraisal is a more complex and time-consuming process than art valuation, as it may include authenticity consultation with other experts and research of provenance history.

The Fair Market Value of an artwork may be less than the purchase price or a gallery retail price, but it could be similar to an auction or dealer price.

Galerie Beaumont provides in good faith an opinion on the value of an artwork.  We can not be held responsible for the outcome of any use of this opinion and the supporting information.


For an art valuation or art appraisal, the proposed fee is not related to the estimated value of the artwork.  It is determined by the degree of expertise required, the anticipated time of work, and the travel to the location of the artworks.

The proposed fee is dependent on the number of artworks and artists,╣ the quality of the image jpg's and descriptive information provided by the client, the on-site inspection of the artworks, planned research of the artworks and artists, and the writing of the art valuation or appraisal report.

╣ To minimize the client fee, the artworks could first be screened and only those considered to exceed a certain value would be further researched and appraised.
▓ On-site visit only if needed (e.g. value, authenticity).

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Sculpture by Michel Wohlfahrt, France (private collection).Jens A. Jorgensen
Galerie Beaumont
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"Zeilschip Brabant" (1888), oil painting on canvas signed by the renowned Danish / U.S. artist Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921).  The authenticity of this 'museum piece' and six other works was established by Galerie Beaumont in April 2009.UNEXPECTED DISCOVERY DURING 'STANDARD' VALUATION
It happens occasionally as a pleasant surprise that an artwork turns out
to be much more valuable than previously considered.  In April 2009,
we discovered seven 19th century marine paintings by the renowned
Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921) displayed in the office corridors.  The
tracing of provenance history of these 'museum pieces' was helpful.
    "Zeilschip Brabant", 1888

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