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Philip von Schantz

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Several artworks by important artists are available at
Galerie Beaumont in Lasne.  For ex, for your home or office:
  • Oil painting by Gene Sander, USA (103 x 135 cm).
  • Sculpture by the French artist Michel Wohlfahrt.
  • Five framed abstract lithographs by Luc Hoenraet.
  • Original lithograph by Philip von Schantz:"Melon", 1984,
    edition number 71/90, 60 cm x 69 cm, framed in gold
    (the white spot in the photo is the flash).
  • Album of four large screenprints by Per Arnoldi illustrating
    Hans Christian Andersen's story "Kjśrestefolkene".
  • Selection of CCA original prints (Christie's Contemporary Art)

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Galerie Beaumont became in 1982 a representative
of Christie's Contemporary Art, London
now CCA Galleries).