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Sculpture of Chopin by Jacques Froment-Meurice at Parc Monceau, Paris, 1906.  Provenance and meaning being researched by Icons of Europe.
Chopin at Parc Monceau, Paris 1906

The romance:
One of the best kept secrets in musical
history - now for all to see and enjoy.

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Chopin and Jenny Lind's secret and tragic romance in 1841-1849 inspired painters, sculptors, poets, composers, musicians and musical patrons in Europe well into the 20th century.

Galerie Beaumont is therefore pleased to introduce
three books about Chopin and the Swedish Nightingale
published by Icons of Europe. 

Chopin's Dream / Jenny Lind Gala Concert:  2013 booklet by Icons of Europe chronicling Jenny Lind's love for Chopin.

CHOPIN and The
Swedish Nightingale

Chopin's life seen through his letters;  the discovery of his romance with Jenny
Lind;  and political and cultural glimpses of the era,
20 + postage
Icons of Europe
Chopin's Dream (2013)

Discover Jenny Lind's
real identity and the depth of her relationship with Chopin:

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Analysis of the "Method" of the late Madame Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt

Rare 1st ed. 1894 with the score and text of the love song to Chopin's Mazurka in A-flat she sang for Queen Victoria.
>> Icons of Europe

The income of the three books is donated to the
Icons of Europe TB Fund for World TB Day advocacy.
Chopin died apparently of tuberculosis.  This infectious
disease has re-emerged today as a major global threat.
WHO's director-general has signed Chopin's biography.

"This biography is a novelty in the book market
not only because of the beautiful quality of the
publication, but also because of content".
Citation from Chopin in the World (2004).

View snippets of the biography "CHOPIN and
The Swedish Nightingale at Google Books.

"The biography provides a fascinating and thoroughly
enjoyable journey through Chopin's life and times.
The authors present a uniquely plausible explanation
of a most intriguing mystery of Chopin's last year."

Daniel Blumenthal

Daniel Blumenthal
Pianist and professor at the
Royal Conservatory of Brussels