Jenny Lind
The Swedish Nightingale  Den Svenska Näktergalen  Le Rossignol suédois
Member of
Royal Academy of Music / Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien
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250-year anniversary
26 January 2013

Karl XIV Johan
King of Sweden & Norway
formerly Jean Bernadotte

Discovered by Icons of Europe:  Jenny Lind's natural father is Karl XIV Johan of Sweden and Norway, formerly Jean Bernadotte (1763-1844), Marshal of Napoleon's empire.
JL's tribute to the King

The Bernadotte Dynasty
His life in 6 video series

Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, Den Svenska Näktergalen. At the portal Image from the book "Jenny Lind" by Jenny Maude, Stockholm 1927.
Jenny Lind (1820-1887)
Swedish Nightingale

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Monument Chopin / Jenny Lind par Jacques Froment-Meurice, Parc Monceau, Paris (1906).  Icons of Europe a identifié Jenny Lind et propose que le monument sera intitulé:  "Le rêve du rossignol".

Court singer, opera star
Soprano, philanthropist
Her secret fiancé: 'G',
then Chopin;
not Mendelssohn

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Chopin's Dream
Chopin and Jenny Lind
Her love song to Chopin

Jenny Lind Gala Concert, Christ Church, Malvern, 13 July 2013
« Chopin's Dream »

Chopin's Dream / Jenny Lind Gala Concert:  new booklet by Icons of Europe.The complete Gala Concert script (&.more) now at Amazon:
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Discover Jenny Lind's real identity
and the depth of her relationship with Chopin. - Researched and written by the
.co-founders of Icons of Europe.

Chopin experts | Musikverket
     Jenny Lind's biography (soon updated)

Daniel Blumenthal and Jennifer Simpson performing The Maiden's Wish
by Chopin, Jenny Lind Gala Concert, Christ Church, Malvern, England.
New event at Christ Church, 13 December 2013: The Jenny Lind Singers

The book project
The above paperback Chopin's Dream draws on period information from the forthcoming book book Le Rêve de Chopin, researched since 2002,  Jenny Lind's own Memoir (1891), Fr. Niecks' biography of Chopin (1888), Wikipedia (2013) and various other biographies are inaccurate and incomplete. 

The Jenny Lind locomotive, the first of a class of ten steam locomotives built in 1847 for the London Brighton and South Coast Railway.Jenny Lind Gala Concert, July 2013

Chopin masterpieces with a story, at Malvern
Concert script (& more) published in Chopin's Dream

New discovery in "BEL CANTO: Chopin Teaching the Art of Singing" by Icons of Europe (2013). Chopin tutored sopranos in the art of singing.  Composer pianist teacher with a piano and song method for his pupils.  Chopin as seen by his pupils, fellow artists, patrons and the international press.Jenny Lind a pupil of Chopin 1841-1842
Chopin teached sopranos in the art of singing.
Documented at international conference and in new book.

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Vivian Rössner Wejke, Stockholm, piano and standing, Cecilia Jorgensen, Icons of Europe (narrator).Initiatives 2010-2012
- Jenny Lind with 17 Polish journalists
- Jenny Lind at Chopin 1 March recital
- Jenny Lind at SWEA Belgium recital
- Jenny Lind at
Prince de Galles, Paris
- Jenny Lind in
new BBC Chopin film
- Jenny Lind at SWEA Rivieran
photo >
- Jenny Lind at Statens Musikverk SE
- Jenny Lind at Malvern: 125 years

Brussels premiere of "The Composer and The Nightingale" for a VIP audience on 11 October 2003:  Biljana Staffansson (soprano), Ljiljana Jovanovic (soprano), and Daniel Blumenthal (piano) in Act 4, "Hope" (74 Rue de Chaillot).In 2003-2008, the musical drama Chopin and The.Nightingale, chronicling Chopin and Jenny Lind's secret romance, was performed around the world under the patronage of British, Canadian, Danish, French, German, Polish and Swedish ambassadors.  Script based on the book Chopin and The Swedish Nightingale.

Recalls The Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto about the concert Chopin masterpieces and Nightingale songs:  "We held the audience for 85 minutes without an intermission and were overjoyed at the capacity audience of 600 people".  The concert was co-produced and sponsored together with the musical drama by Icons of Europe for World TB Day 2005 at the Royal Ontario Museum.  More

BBC says about the Chopin TV documentary 2010:  «.....the Swedish opera star Jenny Lind, who so affected Chopin in the final years of his life ». Bel Canto

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Countdown to Jenny Lind 200 years in 2020

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Image 1849 from Jenny Lind (Jenny Maude, Stockholm 1927).

Jenny Lind née Johanna Maria (no surname) on 6 October 1820 | Assumed the theatrical name Jenny Lind in 1830
The Swedish Nightingale  Den Svenska Näktergalen  Le Rossignol suédois 
Die schwedische Nachtigall  Opera star
Member of
Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien   Jenny Lind 2020 countdown   Jenny Lind 200 years   Jenny Lind 200 år

Jenny Lind, riding into the stage of the Royal Theatre at Stockholm in the play "En majdag i Värend" celebrating in 1843 the 25-year reign of her natural father:  the aging Karl XIV Johan (formerly Jean Bernadotte).
Image: Jenny Lind, dressed as
Småland flicka Märta, rides into
the stage of the Royal Theatre
at Stockholm on 11 May 1843.
The play En Majdag i Värend
celebrated the 25-year reign
of the aging Karl XIV Johan.

"The play was written as much
for Jenny Lind as for the old
king", writes Nils-Olof Franzén
(Jenny Lind, 1982, p. 77-79).