Icons of Europe This fleur-de-lys represents the aims of Icons of Europe asbl.  The fleur-de-lys figure has been used as an ornament or emblem by almost all civilisations of the old and new worlds.

TB & ARTS:  art music drama to fight TB

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Inciting World TB days (24 March) and other TB advocacy events
Icons of Europe, a Stop TB partner,
provides an innovative platform for
fighting tuberculosis with the arts

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Paganini, Weber, Keats, Chopin, Tocqueville, Kafka, Orwell and many other Icons died early in their life of tuberculosis.  Their legacy provides today an opportunity to remind the world that TB has re-emerged as a massive global threat with implications for HIV/AIDS.

Act 5 of "Chopin and The Nightingale":  “La Mort de Chopin”;  detail of print based on the 1885 oil painting by Félix Barrias.  Icons of Europe considers that the woman in white is Jenny Lind.
Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, singing at Chopin's deathbed in 1849 (Félix Barrias, 1883);  almost like the nightingale for the Chinese emperor in Hans Christian Andersen's story.  Oscar Wilde:  "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life" (The Decay of Lying, 1889).

Icons of Europe initiatives

The biography "CHOPIN and The Swedish Nightingale" (2003) by the founders and managers of Icons of Europe carries a TB message by the Director-General of WHO.  Its income is donated to the TB fight.

The musical drama "Chopin and The Nightingale", already performed at Brussels, Warsaw, Toronto, New York for 'new Europe' and TB advocacy purposes, is ideal as a World TB Day event.

>> TB-fight initiatives since 2003:  The arts and cultural research

Examples of comments by patrons:
- Toronto Public Health about WTBD performance at Toronto
- Poland's Ambassador Jan Tombiński about Chopin and TB

Opportunities for you

>> Use the musical drama to promote your event or World TB Day
>> Consult Icons of Europe on how to use the arts for such events
>> Write a PhD thesis on TB and the Arts (ref. Stanford University 2012)
>> Buy the Chopin biography and/or the 1st ed. Jenny Lind booklet
>> Make a financial contribution to the Icons of Europe TB Fund

Men and women apparently sick with 'consumption', i.e. tuberculosis at a British ward in the 19th century.  Engraving by unknown source found by Icons of Europe.Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen, founders and managers of Icons of Europe, have since 2003 funded most of their Stop TB initiatives with private means.  Additional resources would be welcome.

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TB & art music drama

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Drama premieres
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N.Y. 2008 | Stop TB
Toronto 2005 | Poster
Warsaw 2004 | Video
Brussels 2003


Eugène Delacroix, "Liberty Leading the People", oil on canvas commemorating the French July Revolution of 1830.

"We believe that great culture captures the imagination and stimulates a discussion of an important societal issue such as the re-emergence of TB".


In Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Nightingale", the Chinese emperor saw 'Death sitting on his chest'.  Drawing by Vilhelm Pedersen (1872).
"The Nightingale" by HCA
Danish | English

The biography with the
WHO DG's inscription.
Available at Amazon.co.uk

"Just after she had met Chopin in London, Jenny Lind raised £.1,800 for the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest at a morning concert on 31 July 1848 at Her Majesty's Theatre." (p. 74).