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Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris ...
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Statue of Chopin adorned by a woman resembling Jenny Lind.  Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.
Statue of Chopin
Jardin du Luxembourg

Concerts Parc Luxembourg Park
It's Jenny Lind embracing the Chopin statue in Jardin du Luxembourg, says Icons of Europe.  Inscription on the bust:  "D’après Bolesław Syrewicz".
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The Institut Polonais de Paris organizes each summer a festival of open-air Chopin concerts in
Jardin du Luxembourg.

Chopin / Jenny Lind concert: 13 July 2013 in Christ Church, Malvern, UK
Chopin's tomb at Père-Lachaise, Paris with Clésinger's monument of a weeping woman (Jenny Lind, says Icons of Europe).

Chopin's tomb, Paris
Icons of Europe's research:
Muse represents Jenny Lind.
Sculpture of Chopin by Jacques Froment-Meurice at Parc Monceau, Paris, 1906.  Icons of Europe has concluded that the woman portrays Jenny Lind.

Parc Monceau, Paris (1906)
Icons of Europe's research:
Dreaming woman ~ Jenny Lind.
Artworks decoded / Jenny Lind:
Europe America Asia

Artworks in Paris, Krakow and Singapore portray Chopin with Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale, shows research by Icons of Europe (click each image). 

Chopin and Jenny Lind's romance is also reflected, with a hidden symbolism, in media other than sculpture and painting (fairytale,  biography, essay, opera, ballet and film), now decoded by Icons of Europe's research.

Artworks portraying Jenny Lind at Berlin, Stockholm and London museums, Westminster Abbey, and a Swedish banknote:  Click.
Icons of Europe:  Recherches historiques indépendantes, publications et événements / Platform for cross-border dialogue, events and inspiration
Clésingers's initial drawing of 6 November 1849 for Chopin's tomb at Père-Lachaise.

Clésinger's initial drawing of the monument for Chopin's tomb at Père-Lachaise (6 Nov. 1849),
commissioned by Jenny Lind.
 “La Mort de Chopin”;  detail of print based on the 1885 oil painting by Félix Barrias (at National Museum Krakow).  Icons of Europe considers that the woman in white is Jenny Lind.

"La Mort de Chopin",
lithograph on Félix Barrias's painting 1885, Krakow / Paris.  Jenny Lind ...
In Warsaw, Waclaw Szymanowski's sculpture of Chopin recalls Orpheus sitting under a "tree uprooted by the power of his music", says Icons of Europe.  >> More Chopin sculpture near the Symphony Lake in Singapore Botanic Gardens by the Polish sculptor Karol Badyna, 2008.  The woman resembles Jenny Lind, says Icons of Europe.

Chopin in Singapore
 Botanic Gardens (2008).
The woman resembles Jenny.Lind.

"Polonaise, Rêve de Chopin", watercolour and gouache on paper by Teofil Kwiatkowski, 1859. National Museum at Poznan.

Teofil Kwiatkowski, "Rêve de Chopin", 1859.  Icons of Europe's new book will explain its hidden symbolism.

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