Icons of Europe This fleur-de-lys represents the aims of Icons of Europe asbl.  The fleur-de-lys figure has been used as an ornament or emblem by almost all civilisations of the old and new worlds.
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Representatives of the media would be most welcome to use Icons of Europe as a resource.

We would be pleased to provide any information on our initiatives that uses great culture as a platform for dialogue and inspiration (e.g. EuropePolandtransatlanticTB fight).

Cecilia Jorgensen and Jens A. Jorgensen
can be contacted at:

Tel. +32 2 633 3840
B-1380 Lasne (Brussels), Belgium

We speak English, French, Dutch, German and Scandinavian languages on the phone - and use online translation for the rest.

In 2012, Lang Lang answered a question (Q3) by Icons of Europe's co-founder at http:/life.royalalberthall.com/2012/03/lang-lang-qa/Dialogue with Lang Lang
On 12 March 2012, Chinese pianist Lang Lang answered via Royal Albert Hall a
question by Icons of Europe's co-founder Jens A. Jorgensen who in turn responded:
« In reply to my Q3, your
Music Foundation says it all:  "Music makes life better. It heals, unites and inspires". »