Synopsis of "Chopin and The Nightingale" Toronto | WTBD 2005
Chopin and The Nightingale is a dramatization of the newly discovered romance of Chopin and Jenny Lind in 1848-1849, for piano, two sopranos and narrator.

Chopin (1810-1839).Historically correct, the drama is played in six acts and 75 minutes with music by Bellini, Chopin and Meyerbeer, as well as with two Swedish and Norwegian songs.

The drama is set in London, Edinburgh and Paris, and demonstrates "the seamlessness" of great culture.  The narrator introduces each act with original quotes from Chopin's letters to family and friends.  They match to a surprising degree quotes taken from Hans Christian Andersen's story, The Nightingale that he wrote in 1843 as a tribute Jenny Lind.  Each act is embellished by the display of a large image.

The drama
Emperor:  Fryderyk Chopin, composer
Nightingale:  Jenny Lind, soprano
Artificial bird:  Delfina Potocka, soprano (later replaced by Pauline Viardot)
Storyteller:  Hans Christian Andersen

The founders of Icons of Europe created the drama on the basis of their authoritative biography CHOPIN and The Swedish Nightingale (Brussels, 2003) and their subsequent in-depth research.  The book cover carries a message from the Director-General of WHO.   This biography donates income to the Icons of Europe TB Fund

Entitled Nightingale Opus 24, the Warsaw premiere was successfully staged at the Swedish Embassy on 6 April 2004 in the presence of seven ambassadors and many cultural and corporate personalities.  An avant-premiere premiere took place in Brussels on 11 October 2003 under the patronage of six ambassadors.

Jenny Lind (1820-1887).Research finding in 2004 (and later)
"A few days after her opera farewell in London, Jenny Lind travelled in May 1849, with the knowledge of Queen Victoria, incognito to Paris in an unsuccessful attempt to marry the ailing Chopin."

Chopin suffered from TB and died in 1849, only 39 years old.

Jenny Lind raised large sums of money to fight this infectious disease.

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Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).