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Chopin and The Nightingale

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The musical drama chronicles the secret romance of Chopin and Jenny Lind, the.Swedish Nightingale.

"Chopin and The Nightingale" - a musical drama or a dramatic reading with music - is set in six acts for narrator, piano, soprano and mezzo soprano (or two sopranos).  The music provides flexibility for a performance of 60-75 minutes.  Audience 50-500.

Brussels premiere of "The Composer and The Nightingale" for a VIP audience on 11 October 2003:  Biljana Staffansson (soprano), Ljiljana Jovanovic (soprano), and Daniel Blumenthal (piano) in Act 4, "Hope" (74 Rue de Chaillot).The music:  Bellini, Chopin and Meyerbeer, two of Jenny Lind's Scandinavian signature-songs and a mazurka arrangement by Pauline Viardot.  Jenny Lind sang a love song to Chopin's Mazurka, op. 24/3 (act 6) twice for Queen Victoria in 1855-1856.  Photos from Lake George, NY.

Each act unfolds by the narrator citing some of Chopin's letters to family and friends.  The letters mirror to a surprising degree quotes taken from Hans.Christian Andersen's The Nightingale, the fairytale he wrote as a tribute to Jenny Lind in 1843.

  Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen (Icons of Europe), based on their Chopin biography, Jenny Lind's 'Method' and new research.  They hold all rights on productions resulting from their research.

Lithograph of Jenny Lind (1820-1887) performing one of her Scandinavian signature-songs, "The Norwegian Echo Song" (Act. 2, "Magnolia" of "The Composer and The Nightingale").The seamlessness of great European culture
After the Warsaw premiere, H.E. Mr Charles Crawford, British Ambassador to Poland, wrote to the Foreign Office in London about the performance:  "The musical drama ingeniously brought together historical and musical elements from all over Europe ... to bring out the seamlessness of great European culture."

Platform for advocacy on Europe, tuberculosis, ...
The drama provides a platform for advocacy or debate on, for example, Europe's diversity / identity, the need to fight TB today, or symbolism in the arts of the 19th C.

Available in book form
"Chopin and The Nightingale" is.now available as a print-on-demand hardcover book with the complete script, music repertoire, rare scores, colour images and more. 

It is enjoyable to study the book.  It could also be used as a manual for a production with music by Chopin, Bellini, Liszt and Meyerbeer as well as with arrangements by Jenny Lind and Pauline Viardot.

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Book income donated to the Icons of Europe TB Fund.



New York 2008
Toronto 2005
Warsaw 2004
Brussels 2003

Royal Ontario Museum, 2005

The musical drama has celebrated the new Europe and marked World TB Day (Chopin died of tuberculosis).  Also suitable for other themes.


The biography "CHOPIN and The Swedish Nightingale" (Icons of Europe, 2003) by Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen, playwrights of the musical drama "The Composer and The Nightingale".
Biography of Chopin
HCA's The Nightingale
Subsequent research

Jenny Lind (1820-1887) and her German husband Otto Goldschmidt (1829-1907).
Jenny Lind's 'Method',
booklet edited by her German widower Otto Goldschmidt
(rare 1st edition, 1894)


Renaissance of the original repertoire of Jenny Lind and Pauline Viardot:  Bellini, Meyerbeer, Chopin
 Patronage provided earlier by Ambassadors of Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland and Sweden,