Icons of Europe This fleur-de-lys represents the aims of Icons of Europe asbl.  The fleur-de-lys figure has been used as an ornament or emblem by almost all civilisations of the old and new worlds.
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An Icon of music who influenced Bach
Dietrich Buxtehude (c. 1637-1707)
Dietrich Buxtehude (c. 1637-1707).  Detail of an oil painting by Johannes Voorhout (1674), at the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte, Germany.  Source:   http://www.dacapo-records.dk/komponister/buxtehude.html. Born in Helsingborg (now Sweden), "the Baroque master Buxtehude is one of the greatest Danish composers ever.   Bach walked all the way from Arnstadt to Lübeck to study with Buxtehude, and was crucially influenced by his meeting with the older composer and organist, as was Händel."
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"Young Girl Arranging Flowers", c. 1885, oil on canvas by Anna Ancher (1859-1935).
Anna Ancker

¹ Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) at 200:  “Geniuses are
like thunderstorms. They go against the wind, terrify people,
cleanse the air”, says Gordon Marino.

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