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2016+: New communications approach
Since 2014, Icons of Europe has studied certain issues on Chopin's early life, and initiated investigative research on Charles XII of Sweden, Napoleon and Shakespeare.

In parallel, we have developed three Twitter accounts:
@IconsEurope @ChopinFryderyk @KarlXII_Sverige

The revised website with a News section provides a 'mobile-friendly' overview of our work including new co-production opportunities.

"KARL XII: Kungamord!", book researched by Cecilia Nordenkull and published by Icons of Europe (2016).KARL XII: Kungamord!

Detta är en forskningsrapport (2017) skriven på ett lättläsligt sätt.  Forskningen grundas på svenska och utländska källor, flera med nyfunnen information från 1700-talet, samt på fältstudier i Norge.
Författare Cecilia Nordenkull upptäckte nyligen, att hon är en ättling till Karl XII:s syster Hedvig Sofia.

New discovery in "BEL CANTO: Chopin Teaching the Art of Singing" by Icons of Europe (2013). Chopin tutored sopranos in the art of singing.  Composer pianist teacher with a piano and song method for his pupils.  Chopin as seen by his pupils, fellow artists, patrons and the international press.BEL CANTO:
Chopin Teaching the Art of Singing

>> Amazon | About it

Now in book form: the research paper we presented at an International Musicological Conference in Paris 2013 organized by The Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Warsaw and Bibliothèque Polonaise à Paris.


Discussed by Icons of Europe's paper "Chopin Teaching Singers":  Ink drawing by George Sand's son Maurice, dated June 1844, showing Chopin teaching a singer how to accompany herself at the piano.Chopin Teaching Singers
The Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Warsaw and Bibliothèque Polonaise à Paris organized the International Musicological Conference «.Chopin and Tellefsen.» in Paris on 18 September 2013.

Icons of Europe presented the paper, Chopin Teaching Singers.  It includes a section on Thomas Tellefsen's royal patronage and his interest in singing.
>> Abstract of the paper | Conference photos

Left:  Chopin teaching a singer how to accompany herself at the piano.  Ink drawing by George Sand's son Maurice, dated June 1844.

Chopin's Dream / Jenny Lind Gala Concert:  new booklet by Icons of Europe.Chopin's Dream
Jenny Lind Gala Concert

Paperback with the complete script (&.more) of the Gala Concert
at Christ Church, Malvern (England) on
13 July 2013
.  Discover Jenny Lind's real identity
and the depth of her relationship with Chopin.

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Daniel Blumenthal, the renown American pianist and musical advisor to Icons of Europe.Jenny Lind Gala Concert
The Dream of Chopin - music with a story

n Christ Church, Malvern (UK) on 13 July 2013, Daniel Blumenthal, the renowned American pianist will performs a selection of Chopin’s masterpieces.
Cecilia Jorgensen, Swedish co-founder of Icons of Europe and narrator at the Jenny Lind Gala Concert at Malvern 2013.
Each piece of music is briefly introduced by Cecilia Jorgensen, the Swedish author of the new book Le Rêve de Chopin. >>.More

Photo of Richard Wagner (1813-1883) in 1871 at Icons of Europe's portal commemorating Wagner's 200-year anniversary in 2013. Source: Wikipedia.Richard Wagner 1813-2013
Based on recent research, a whole chapter of Icons of Europe's new book Le Rêve de Chopin will unveil Wagner's artictic relationship with Swedish soprano Jenny Lind.  It will also document his symbolism.

> Portal on Wagner's 200 years in 2013 (22 May)
> Portal on Verdi's 200 years in 2013 (10 October)

Oscar Wilde holding a sword cane (1882), which appears to be reflected in the design of The Oscar statuette (1928).Oscar Wilde 1854-1900
New research of Oscar Wilde's life, works, downfall and.legacy will be documented in the last chapter of Icons of Europe's new book Le Rêve de Chopin.

An observation among many:  «The OSCAR statuette of the Academy Awards:  it must be Oscar Wilde! ».

Malvern Civic Society, UK
Icons of Europe initiated collaboration with  Malvern Civic Society, Worcestershire in October 2012 to revive and celebrate the legacy of Jenny Lind as a source of inspiration for many people and institutions around the world.

First step:  Commemoration of 125 years
13 July 2013:  Jenny Lind Gala Concert

"Polonaise, Rêve de Chopin", watercolour and gouache on paper by Teofil Kwiatkowski, 1859. National Museum at Poznan.

Sculpture of Chopin by Jacques Froment-Meurice at Parc Monceau, Paris, 1906.  Provenance and meaning have been researched by Icons of Europe.New Chopin / Jenny Lind book
Commenced in 2002, the research on Chopin and Jenny Lind's secret romance and its vast implications is nearly complete.  The manuscript (in French) will be subject to additional peer reviews before publication.

Stanford University
A musicology PhD candidate at Stanford University invited in 2012 Icons of Europe to provide information on the approach of using the arts and cultural research in the TB fight.

Donation to miners in Africa
Icons of Europe donated a financial sum to WHO's Stop TB Partnership in support of miners in Southern Africa.  They "have [today] some of the highest rates of TB / HIV in the world".  It's a tragic signal in the debate on priorities for Africa's development - oil & mining versus good governance, education, health, agriculture, SME.

Chopin died of tuberculosis in 1849.

The famous Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné (1707-1778).Carl von Linné
Reviewing aspects of the life and work of the renowned Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné (1707-1778) for the Kalmar Castle study.  Associated with Uppsala University,  Linné is seen as the Father of classification of all living beings.  His portrait currently adorns the SEK 100 banknote.

Kalmar Castle, Sweden.Kalmar Castle
In the aftermath of the Great Northern War (1700-1721), Kalmar Castle was witness to a succession struggle with roots in Sweden, Russia and Holstein-Gottorp.  Icons of Europe is currently researching this drama for a new book.

The boson particle
Tweets at @IconsEurope on 5-8 July 2012 noted that multinational teamwork of c. 3,000 physicists led by Higgs, Englert, Brout produced the boson particle discovery.

Icons of Sweden
How would you rank the top-6 among 29 proposed names?  Bellman Bergman Garbo Lagerlöf Lind Linné Nobel ...?
Preliminary list established in consultation with
the Nobel Museum, Stockholm.

Etching of Fryderyk Chopin by Teofil Kwiatkowski;  from Frederick Niecks' biography of Chopin.@IconsEurope
Icons of Europe started early 2012 to tweet actively at @IconsEurope and @ChopinFryderyk.

Scholars have not been able to determine with certainty whether this portrait really depicts William Shakespeare (1564-1616), nor who painted it.  Cecilia Jorgensen, Icons of Europe has in late 2011 developed a rationale for whom it actually could be.Shakespeare authorship
Was the successful theatrical production manager William Shakespeare, who performed for the royal court, "the true author" of the Shakespearean works?
Icons of Europe has conducted an independent review of the Shakespeare authorship question.  >>.More

Liszt 200 years in 2011
Icons of Europe is working on several initiatives to celebrate the bicentenary of Franz Liszt (1811-1886), which coincides with Hungary assuming the rotating E.U. presidency during the first half of 2011.  >>.More

Vivian Rössner Wejke, Stockholm, piano and standing, Cecilia Jorgensen, Icons of Europe (narrator).
Nice, France, 17 November 2010

Chopin and Jenny Lind at the Riviera

At the invitation of SWEA Rivieran, a chapter of the global Swedish Women's Association, Cecilia Jorgensen (standing), Icons of Europe told a sold-out house the story of Chopin and Jenny Lind between the piano pieces played by Vivian Rössner Wejke, Stockholm.

Frédéric Chopin à Paris
New initiatives by Icons of Europe to explore France / Paris as a key source for Chopin's music and legacy:  his French father, his oeuvre 1831-1849, 74 Rue de Chaillot, 12 Place Vendôme, his funeral and tomb, posthumous works, the artworks created in Paris, salons in La Belle Époque.  As discovered by Icons of Europe, Jenny Lind - and later Princess Winnaretta de Polignac through her Paris salon - took many initiatives to call attention to Chopin's Polish roots.
Important Icons of Europe events in 2010:
  • 24 February:  At Hôtel Prince de Galles, Paris, presentation to 17 Polish journalists about the true location of 74, Rue de Chaillot, where Jenny Lind visited Chopin in May-June 1849.
  • 6 October:  Under the auspices of the Société Chopin à Paris, a commemorative plaque for 74 Rue de Chaillot unveiled at Prince de Galles, folllowed by a concert attended by the Ambassador of Poland and representatives of cultural institutions in Paris.
  • 6 October:  Presentation of the new Chopin / Jenny Lind book project to the concert audience at Prince de Galles.
  • 15 October:  Premiere of the new BBC Chopin film.

Chopin recital at Prince de Galles, Paris (left: Cecilia and Jens Jorgensen)

Chopin 1810-2010 celebration
Poland's Minister of Culture and National Heritage invited Icons of Europe to attend the Gala Concert at Opera Narodowa in Warsaw on 1 March 2010.

Icons of Europe hosted a piano recital by Daniel Blumenthal at Lasne near Brussels during which Cecilia Jorgensen commented on Chopjn's music and his romance with Jenny Lind:
- 1 March to mark Chopin's 200 years;
- 5 March for a SWEA Belgium audience.

Chopin 2010 Congress
We submitted paper proposals to the Congress at Warsaw.set for early March.  On 12 May 2006, the Fryderyk Chopin Institute in Warsaw invited the founders of Icons of Europe to be honorary advisors to the Chopin 2010 programme.

February 2009
New research refutes an 'injurious' allegation in the press on Mendelssohn's friendship with Jenny Lind

>> See the conclusions dismissing the allegation.

Image from the
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Stiftung.

The City of Lodz
Icons of Europe began in 2007 an exchange of ideas with the City of Lodz, Poland on its bid to become a European Capital of Culture in 2016.


Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) in 1882.  Photograph by Napoleon Sarony, New York.Ongoing
Oscar Wilde / Boston / Napoleon
Research on the life and works of Irish poet-dramatist Oscar Wilde is a priority.  He wrote in 1890:  "After playing Chopin, I feel as if I had been weeping over sins that I had never committed, and mourning over tragedies that were not my own" (The Critic As Artist).

Partly related, research is also being conducted on the cultural exchanges of the distinguished 19th century BOSTON SATURDAY CLUB with Europe, and on NAPOLEON's rise to power in France and Europe.

Christopher Johnson, piano and Megan Weston, soprano performing "The Composer and The Nightingale".
On the occasion of World TB Day 2008

U.S. premiere at Opera Museum, New York
Our musical drama "Chopin and The Nightingale" was performed at the Chopin Festival of the Marcella Sembrich Opera Museum, Bolton Landing, Lake George, New York on 25 and 27 July 2008. >> MORE

Ongoing 2005-2008
Posthumous period of Chopin

New research is being conducted on the 1849-1929 posthumous period of Chopin, and on Jenny Lind's use of symbolism for the enshrinement of the legacies of Chopin and herself.  The enshrinement reached a climax in Paris during La Belle Époque.

March- April 2005, on the occasion of World TB Day

Canadian p
remiere at ROM, Toronto
"Chopin and The Nightingale", co-produced and sponsored by Icons of Europe, performed by The Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory of Music at the Royal Ontario Museum, with support by Toronto Public Health.

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).2 April 2005
Hans Christian Andersen
The 200-year anniversary of
Hans Christian Andersen's birthday was
celebrated in Toronto by the Nightingale
events on 4 March and 24 April
(see below and above).
>> More

Jenny Lind (1820-1887)4 March 2005, Toronto, concert
"Chopin masterpieces
and Nightingale songs"

In the context of World TB Day,
Chopin's Concerto in F-minor
and songs from "Chopin and
The Nightingale" performed by
The Glenn Gould School.
Hans Christian Andersen:  200 years!

Calder House, near Edinburgh11-12 January 2005, Edinburgh
Roundtable with British musicologists,
University of Edinburgh, on the Chopin / Jenny Lind research findings.

Szczerbiec, the bejewelled sword used since 1320 in the coronation ceremony of Polish kings.  Photo by Janusz Podlecki for the Royal Wawel Castle, Krakow.July - December, 2004, Lasne
Research initiatives
In preparation for future events and publications, research on new issues:
Film project:  Chopin / Jenny Lind
Chopin key venues in Paris
Trail of Mazurka in A-flat, op. 24, n° 3
Polish art treasures in Canada
-  "Lucrezia" | Niecks | Stirling | Tellefsen

Antonin Dvorák5 June 2004
"Dvorák and Brahms: a.creative friendship"
A recital for cello and piano by Justus Grimm and Daniel Blumenthal, to celebrate the New Europe and Dvorák's 100-year anniversary on 1 May 1904.  At Lasne near Brussels with patronage of the CZ, DE, US embassies.

6 April 2004, Embassy of Sweden, Warsaw
Chopin and The Nightingale
Musical drama for piano, two sopranos and narrator - to celebrate the New Europe through Chopin, Jenny Lind and Hans Christian Andersen with a specially invited VIP audience including Chopin experts and sponsor guests.

The original will of Jane Stirling's father, who died on 17 June 1816.  This will was discovered in November 2003 by Icons of EuropeThe Royal Castle, Warsaw.1 March 2004, in Warsaw
Expert roundtable
Presentation and discussion of our new research findings on Chopin and Jenny Lind at a roundtable (ref. minutes) with Chopin experts and the media at Warsaw Philharmonic, in connection with the annual Chopin birthday concert.

11 October 2003, Lasne
Chopin and The Nightingale
Based on the new Chopin biography, musical drama for piano, two sopranos and narrator - to celebrate Chopin, Jenny Lind and Hans Christian Andersen.  At Lasne near Brussels with patronage by six ambassadors.  With thanks to our sponsors.

23 and 24 April 2003 at Lasne near Brussels
Music:  a universal language
LAN Cui, XUE Yingjia, YANG Shanshan, candidates of the
Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition 2003

17 November 2002 at Hôtel Astoria, Brussels
Chamber Music Concert, Champagne
organized by Icons of Europe to celebrate the EU enlargement signed at Copenhagen a few weeks later.

A tenue-de-ville dress code and an indoor no-smoking policy apply to all events at Icons of Europe in Lasne.

A 2002+ timeline on
Icons of Europe's
celebration of
Poland's cultural heritage





In Lasne, we play
the Steinway:

The Steinway (model A , 2002), at the country-house in Lasne.


que d

Sculpture by Michel Wohlfahrt, France (private collection). Daniel Blumenthal playing at the country-house in Lasne. From the terrace of the country-house in Lasne. The wine cellar of the country-house.

At the country-house in Lasne, recitals and other cultural events are open to patrons, members and special guests including sponsor representatives.  The purpose:  to learn, to network, to enjoy.  Back >>