Jenny Lind 125 years in 2012
Malvern takes new initiatives
Jenny Lind in 1848: daguerreotype by William Edward Killburn, London. The Royal Collection © 2009 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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Jenny Lind (1820-1887): print by William Holl, after a daguerreotype by William Edward Kilburn, London1848 (in the booklet "Jenny Lind: Her Vocal Art and Cadenze", 1894).

125 years: Time to revive
Jenny Lind's legacy!

The 125th anniversary of Jenny Lind's death in Malvern was commemorated on 2.November 2012 by the Mayor of Malvern (Worcestershire) and Malvern Civic Society.  Malvern Civic Society sees an opportunity to revive and celebrate the legacy of the Swedish Nightingale as a source of inspiration and recognition for many people and institutions around the world.  Additional information:

Christ Church, Malvern will house the Jenny Lind Gala Concert 2013 produced by Icons of Europe.The Jenny Lind Gala Concert is set for
13 July 2013 in Christ Church, Malvern
to launch Malvern Civic Week 2013,

The Gala Concert as well as a concert in
San Francisco on 20 June 2013 illustrate the inspiration and recognition that Jenny Lind’s legacy continue to offer to great artists and new talent – notably voice and piano!

Jenny Lind's life (to be updated soon)
She was born in Stockholm on 6 October 1820 to “unknown parents” and baptized Johanna Maria the day after.  At the age of 10, she was accepted as a pupil at Sweden’s Royal Theatre and given the scene name Jenny Lind.  She became Court singer and member of the Royal Academy of Music in 1840, and spent thereafter a year in Paris to study singing.

Jenny Lind reached stardom as soprano in Europe in 1844-1849 and became known as the Swedish Nightingale and a philanthropist.  Some of the greatest composers wrote music for her – including Mendelssohn and Verdi – Hans Christian Andersen his stories.  She had a complicated love life, on which conflicting rumours still abound.  In the biography Chopin and The Swedish Nightingale published in 2003, the authors concluded that she had a secret romance with Chopin during her tour of Britain in 1848 and attempted to marry him in Paris in the spring of 1849.  The book also evoked her role in the Chopin cult that evolved after his death and the impact of her triumphal concert tour of America in 1850-1852.¹
Jenny Lind's memorial plaque in Poets' Corner of Westminster Abbey, next to Händel and Shakespeare (placed in 1894).During the period she lived in London, Jenny Lind and her husband the German pianist Otto Goldschmidt were in 1876 a driving force in the formation of The.Bach.Choir, today of global fame.  She retired in 1883 at Wynds Point, a sanctuary in the Malvern Hills where she died in 1887.  She was buried at the Great Malvern cemetery to Chopin’s Funeral March.  Monuments commemorate Jenny Lind in Poets’ Corner at Westminster Abbey next to Händel and Shakespeare (1894) as well as in Europe, America and Asia.  Her image adorns today the Swedish 50-kronor banknote.²

¹ Based on their investigative research since 2002, Icons of Europe will publish a new book in.2013, Le Rêve de Chopin, which will reveal the full story of Chopin and Jenny Lind.
Jenny Lind's charity concerts for hospitals in Britain included:  London 31 July 1848; Manchester 19 & 21.December; Birmingham 28.December; Norwich 22 & 23.January 1849; and Worcester 2.February (source: her Memoir, Vol. II, p. 292-293).

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Jenny Lind in 1937 1930 1920 1887 1849

Her Chopin romance and 50th anniversary are imbedded symbolically in a 1937 film.

>> Jenny Lind' in the final scene, 1937 *
>> JL = Grace Moore 1930 | NYT 1920 **
>> Funeral March: RA Hall & Malvern 1887
>> Polonez Op. 53 Heroic (~ Kwiatkowski)
>> Chopin's funeral: Tuba mirum | Requiem

Jenny Lind:  an Icon of Sweden.
Icons of Europe has developed a research paper for Wagner 2013 on "Wagner and Symbolism". It reveals the secret about who commissioned Lohengrin and why the last scene was revised in 1850.Wagner and Liszt

Jenny Lind's artistic relationship with Wagner and Liszt will be documented in Icons of Europe's research paper Wagner and Symbolism and the new book.  It started with Lohengrin. - Wagner 200 years.
Chopin - a section cut from Delacroix' double-portrait of Chopin and George Sand (at Louvre).Book:  Chopin and
The Swedish Nightingale

by Icons of Europe, 2003  £ 20

Chopin's life seen through his letters and the discovery of his romance with Jenny Lind.  The income is donated to the fight against tuberculosis.  Chopin died of TB and Jenny Lind raised funds for the Brompton hospital for lung diseases.

Recommended by Chopin in the World.
Since 1996, Jenny Lind's portrait adorns the Swedish 50-kr banknote (referring to Bellini's Norma).The Swedish 50-kr banknote (referring to Bellini's Norma):

Jenny Lind 200 years

The Jenny Lind locomotive, the first of a class of ten steam locomotives built in 1847 for the London Brighton and South Coast Railway.The Jenny Lind
locomotive of 1847,
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At Icons of Europe's portal for Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901).  He was a giant of the opera world and his popularity is enduring.Verdi and Jenny Lind

Verdi composed the opera I.Masnadieri "expressly" for Jenny Lind and directed the premiere at Her.Majesty's Theatre in 1847, but it "could not be considered a success" (Jenny Lind's Memoir 1891, Vol. II, p.137). - Verdi 200 years

Statue of Chopin adorned by a woman resembling Jenny Lind.  Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.
Statue of Chopin
with a woman resembling Jenny Lind.
Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris ("d’après Bolesław Syrewicz").
Click for a larger image | More about Chopin monuments

The ways in which the Chopin cult initiated by Jenny Lind
stimulated artistic creativity in Europe and America in the
fields of art, music and literature and even science will be
celebrated in the coming years as a source of new ideas.
JL herself, eg: Donizetti, H.C. Andersen, Wagner, Verdi.

* Paderewski playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
(in 1937) produces what he earlier in the film called
"the miracle created by the mood of the moment",
i.e. the power of music to unite people.

** In 1948, NBC Radio (USA):  The Herdman's Song
The media on Jenny Lind's 125 years (2 November 2012)
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