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The programme handout for the 15 March 2003 recital included the following message signed by the Chairman of The Frederick Chopin Society in Warsaw:

Chopin's music is deeply rooted in the culture of Poland. However, many places in Europe were important sources of inspiration and enriched his life and work;

That is, his visit to Berlin in 1828, the concerts in Vienna, the applause he briefly enjoyed in Teplitz, the acclaim and friendships he gained when settling in Paris in 1831, the winter sojourn at Valldemossa, summer holidays at Nohant, and two visits to London.

J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart and contemporary Icons from John Field to Rossini and Liszt also had their impact on Chopin.

I am pleased that Icons of Europe asbl has taken this initiative to celebrate and document Chopin's life from a European perspective.

With my best wishes for a successful recital in Lasne,

Kazimierz Gierzod
The Frederick Chopin Society

Frédéric Chopin in 1833 - lithograph by Engelmann after a drawing by Pierre-Roch Vigneron, published by Maurice Schlesinger, Paris.  Image kindly provided by Bibliothèque nationale de France / Gallica.

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Most of Chopin's music was composed in Poland and France and at Mallorca.