Icons of Europe This fleur-de-lys represents the aims of Icons of Europe asbl.  The fleur-de-lys figure has been used as an ornament or emblem by almost all civilisations of the old and new worlds.
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Canadian premiere
at Toronto:
"Chopin and The
Nightingale" to mark
World TB Day 2005.
Soon available 24/04/05
Concert, Toronto:
"Chopin masterpieces
and Nightingale songs"
to mark World TB Day
(audience 600).
- 4/03/05
The staircase in Dr Lynschinski's townhouse in Edinburgh, where Chopin stayed on and off in late September 1848 and where Jenny Lind no doubt visited him.Meeting with three musicologists
of Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities
on our Chopin research findings,
and visit to Dr Lyschinski's townhouse.
Dvorák, Brahms
Justus Grimm, cello,
Daniel Blumenthal, piano
Patronage by CZ, DE
and U.S. embassies.
- 5/06/04
Warsaw premiere:
"Nightingale Opus 24"
at the residence of the
Ambassador of Sweden.
Extract of songs
Aria finale
Expert roundtable and
press conference at the
Warsaw Philharmonic on
our Chopin research
findings 2003-2004.
- 1/03/04
Brussels premiere:
"Nightingale Opus 24",
celebrating Chopin,
Jenny Lind and Hans
Christian Andersen.
General rep
(4 min.)

6 minutes *
New biography.
"CHOPIN and The
Swedish Nightingale"
by Icons of Europe.
- 14/08/03
From left:  XUE Yingjia, LAN Cui, YANG Shanshan and Cecilia Jorgensen.Queen Elisabeth
Competition 2003:
Three candidates
from China in Lasne.
3 minutes 25/04/03
Interview with
Xue Yingjia,
QE piano candidate,
about Chopin.
1 minute 26/04/03
Solo piano recital:
Three Countries"
(PL, FR, ES) by
Daniel Blumenthal.
1 minute 15/03/03
Craig Goodman (flute), Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider (violin), Daniel Blumenthal (piano) and Morten Zeuthen (cello).Thisted Master
Chamber Players:
EU enlargement.
1 minute 17/11/02
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) - Mozart aside, the most famous classical composer of the western world.  Beethoven was born in Germany, but his grandparents came from Mechelen (Belgium) and settled in Bonn.  Portrait by J.K. Stieler, 1819-1820.Beethoven, Debussy, Liszt:
Clin d'oeil to Belgium on its
European spirit at the inauguration
of Icons of Europe with patronage
by the Council of Europe.


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Daniel Blumenthal and Justus Grimm in Lasne, 5 June 2004.

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